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An undervalued facet of business communication is the kind that occurs within a company.

A business is only as strong as its weakest link. That’s why our staff not only stays up to date on industry news and trends, but also on the shared wisdom and experience a fellow co-worker has gained from successfully overcoming the inevitable challenges that arise in this ever-evolving field.

We believe that it’s beneficial for broker and client alike to freely share our accumulated knowledge and experience with you, so please consider us a resource for industry-related questions.

JJB’s staff maintains active relationships with all relevant government agencies and gatekeepers to ensure that your cargo will never be delayed by new legislation, updated requirements, etc.

The scope of the import/export business is vast, and JJB has experience transporting a broad spectrum of commodities and the unique complexities they bring with them. From raw materials to perishables to processed goods, JJB will ensure that your cargo reaches its destination in the most expedient and cost-efficient way possible. in many occasions JJB’s status as a Fully Automated Broker will further expedite the process by pre-clearing your cargo. If you require assistance in procuring warehousing at the source or your U.S. destination), JJB can help.

In this business, it’s no exaggeration to say that Time IS Money. Every care is taken to minimize or eliminate delays in delivery. Our goal is to cover every logistical base and pursue every available avenue that can make possible full Customs release prior to the cargo’s arrival in port.

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