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JJB is an international freight forwarder, a broker entrusted with transporting the valued cargo of others and attending to the myriad responsibilities that entails. How we satisfy the needs of our clients defines who we are as a company. This is precisely why our staff is defined not only by their expertise and experience, but by their commitment to tailoring JJB’s approach to the individual and specific needs of your business every time.

Navigating the ever-changing frontiers of global commerce requires the kind of network JJB has been building for over forty years. We look forward to opening doors around the world for you and your company. If you’re searching for a broker who offers more than the one you’ve been working with, there is a difference in working with JJB, and we promise you’ll notice it in more ways than you thought possible.

At JJB there is no such thing as a smaller or less important client. It’s second nature for us to make you feel like you’re the most important customer client we have. It’s easy, because it’s true.

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