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As communications technology continues to advance, so too does the potential for unethical and criminal misuse of your business data. A crucial component of JJB’s portfolio of services is the airtight security we promise for each and every transaction. To ensure that your organization has uninterrupted access to data that is always safe in transit, JJB utilizes powerful Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology that incorporates server authentication and data encryption.

To combat the misuse of “cookie” technology as a method to breach security, the session cookie for each login does not include the username or password of the authorized User, or other confidential user and session data.

Our dedicated and “user friendly” security team will provide your company’s authorized Users with the tools they need to get up and running quickly. JJB utilizes the best third party technology in concert with our own proprietary systems. From inside our secure server environment protected by a firewall, JJB’s security systems allow you to conduct business confident that unwanted intruders cannot access your valuable data.

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