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To treat each shipment as if it contained the most precious cargo imaginable, and to ensure the journey to its final destination is cost-effective and free of complications and delays. This way, JJB and our clients can and will prosper and grow together.

To always remember that the comfort, peace of mind and satisfaction of our customers is just as important as the safe transit of their cargo. We strive to build a genuine rapport with our customers, where open lines of communication encourage dialogues that accelerate the achievement of their individual goals.

The one asset of JJB that cannot be overstated is the incredible staff of employees, managers and executives we’ve assembled. Our team possesses an invaluable blend of specialized skills and customer service that makes working with us a profitable and enjoyable experience. These seasoned and well-rounded individuals are the reason why JJB retains 95% of its client base from year to year.

Why does JJB place so much importance on our customized and personalized service? Because we see each successful transaction as growth of our relationship, not just an entry in the ledger. The true measure of success is when a client becomes a business partner and the business partner becomes a trusted friend. As with any successful relationship, we urge you to communicate with us in a frank and open manner so that misunderstandings and crossed-wires never interfere with mutual success.

Since our inception over forty years ago, the bedrock of our corporate culture has been the integrity and business ethics we demand from every member of the JJB team. Our ongoing commitment to keep JJB lean and efficient allows us to operate without the kind of rigid hierarchy that can make client access to executives at our oversized competitors difficult. We foster an environment where not only our customers, but also staff in all positions can interact freely with managers and executives. Over the years this kind of positive family atmosphere permeates the way we do business and strengthens the bonds with our clients. Our conscientious approach extends to the community where we live and work, and we continue to give back to the community in a variety of ways.

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